Sales from our manufacturing plant are wholesale for special events, established distributors, or large orders.

Ice Buying Guide:

When serving beverages in a cup allow approximately 1/2 lb. per person
Other – 1 lb. per person
Remember – Cooling hot products will use more ice for the cool down process than what will be needed to keep items that are already cool, cold.

Bagged Ice:

10 lb. ice bag – $1.75 each – 210 bags per pallet
20 lb. Package – $2.80 each – 100 bags per pallet

Ice Blocks:

11 lb. Block Ice – $1.50 each
300 lb. Crystal Clear Block Ice – $95.00 each – 40 x 20 x 10 inches

Special Services:

Refrigerated trailer Rental $125 per day

Combo Bulk Shipper – 1350 lb. per container (container is one pallet)
Note: Most trailers accommodate 22 pallets